BETA Build 463 – Patch Notes

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Patch notes for revision 463 of Armoured Onslaught! Features Gamepad now works with the Main Menu, excluding the Settings Menu. This means you can now play the full game cycle without having to use a keyboard and mouse (assuming you don’t need to touch any of the game/video options!) Balance Changes Adjustment: B3-T structure now shoots a high damage instantaneous piercing …

BETA Patch Notes (r455)

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Patch notes for revision 455 of Armoured Onslaught! A fantastic and new original sound track thanks to Tom Garner! Check out his Twitter: @TomAGarner Balance change: Structures now sell for their full price. We made this change because we want the game to feel less punishing for bad initial placement of structures. This change allows you to make a come-back …

Armoured Onslaught BETA!

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Today we are proud to announce that we have opened up Armoured Onslaught to BETA testers for FREE! If you would like to try out the BETA, then you can get it straight from Itch. However, we’d appreciate it if you were to join our Discord server available here. Our Discord gives you full instructions on how to access the BETA …

SVN Source Control with Unreal Engine 4 (TortoiseSVN)

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This is a guide that has was originally created in 2014 so it may not be entirely up-to-date. All the concepts should still be very similar, though. Enjoy! NOTE: This is guide was created and tested using Windows 7 Professional 64Bit. I cannot guarantee that you will not have unexpected issues if you use a different operating system. I’ve spent …


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This is the tenth showcase video for our upcoming game: Armoured Onslaught! Click here for the previous showcase video. Today we present the an enemy flying unit: the Huron! The next video is scheduled for release on the 28th of January 2018. Please Like/Follow/Subscribe: FaceBook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram