Armoured Onslaught

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Defend from the Onslaught

Defend your base from hordes of tanks, choppers, long range artillery and more!

Salvage your enemy’s parts for money for an assortment of upgrades and static buildings that will help you defend your valuable Reactor!

Control a powerful mech…

You are in control of B.A.R.R.I, a highly mobile Mech powered with a high impact Heavy Machine Gun for whittling down big targets, a piercing Beam Rifle for when you want to line up your shot, and a debilitating Static Shock Gun for when you need some room to breathe.

Enemy Variety

With over 9 different types of normal enemies each with their own strengths and weaknesses, you will need to make use of every trick in the book to ensure your base does not fall! But watch out, not only do these enemies get stronger as the game goes on, but there will also be unique bosses that will challenge you in different ways!

Tower Placement

Place your buildings in key locations to cover the weak spots that your Mech cannot cover!

With over 11 buildings to choose from you will be spoilt for choice with the variety of Offensive, Passive and Utility buildings you have available.

More Features

Campaign Mode

  • Play through the story mode where you take control of B.A.R.R.I, a highly advanced Mech, designed to be the best defence against all enemies you encounter.

  • The Armoured threat want to destroy the Reactors that are key to humanity’s survival. Save the Reactors to Save the World!

Endless Onslaught

  • Face a different kind of challenge in Endless Onslaught Mode. The enemies will just keep on coming and keeping getting stronger!

  • beam-artillery-shot
  • base-shot
  • Survive as long as possible while accumulating points to have your name as a top score on the online leaderboards.

Online Multiplayer Co-Op

  • Double the players means double the fun! Play with friends in Co-Op Endless Onslaught mode!
  • 2playershot