BETA Build 500 – Patch Notes

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Patch notes for revision 500 of Armoured Onslaught!


  • Added new levels: Hot Stuff Act 1, 2 and Boss (still a WIP)
  • Voiceovers! We have added a voice for General Wessex thanks to the talented Kerry Hutchinson! Go check out his website:
  • We’ve added some new sound effects for BARI’s mech and weapons. More new sound effects to follow!
  • Added new weapons and utilities for BARI. Purchase them from the shop!
  • On-Screen Damage now scales in size proportional to the amount of damage inflicted
  • Added campaign progression and scoring system. Complete the preceding level to move onto the next! And try to beat your best score!
  • We’ve added Difficulty Medals for campaign levels. Newbie, Normal, Hard and Insane!
  • Added Tip videos throughout the campaign
  • Added UI for Building Limits

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with being unable to resume campaign level from main menu (save data was not loading properly)
  • Fixed bug with weird input issues on level start
  • Mouse and Gamepad input switching should be more fluid and less buggy for all menus
  • Fixed bug on some levels where piercing projectiles weren’t following the ground properly
  • Fixed bug where turrets were unable to shoot at higher targets
  • A bunch of optimisation changes

So what are you waiting for? Go join the beta to check it out!