BETA Build 463 – Patch Notes

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Patch notes for revision 463 of Armoured Onslaught!


  • Gamepad now works with the Main Menu, excluding the Settings Menu. This means you can now play the full game cycle without having to use a keyboard and mouse (assuming you don’t need to touch any of the game/video options!)

Balance Changes

  • Adjustment: B3-T structure now shoots a high damage instantaneous piercing beam at a slow rate. Before it used to rapid-fire low damage piercing projectiles. We made this change to make it so this structure (which is the most expensive structure in the game) feels more impactful, without making it overpowered
  • Nerf: Static-D structure no longer bounces its attacks to other targets (can only hit one target at a time now). BARI is unaffected and can still hit multiple targets with his Static Gun

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Static-D particles not spawning
  • Fixed a bug with Endless Mode Highscore exit button not functioning

So what are you waiting for? Go join the beta to check it out!