UoP Game Jam 2017 – Game Download

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UoP Game Jam 2017 ended a few weeks ago so and we won an award (Most Helpful Team)! I thought I would make a quick update post with download links (links at the bottom) and game description.

Death By Tennis

Death By Tennis is a multiplayer (LAN-only) deathmatch first person shooter (that happens to be a tennis themed). Up to 16 players can play simultaneously and you must get 10 kills to win the game! Collect an array of power-ups to assist you on your way to victory.

Download the game here (246MB)

Download source here (1.09GB, you will need Unreal Engine 4.16 to open the project)


Jahangir Uddin – Programmer / Blueprints

Joshua Edwards – Level Design / Programmer

Emma Winters – 3d Modelling

Emil Nidal – Motion Capture Technician

Jessica Hunt – Motion Capture Actress